Easy to use - functional. We like it. The support is excellent. Our sales have improved nicely since all are using CRM now.
Really makes managing our business a pleasure. Both our sales and support teams love the ease of use and flexibility of Comma5 CRM. Thanks for the great service guys!
All I can say is that their service is the best!
After 5 years of dealing with this team I would not use anything else. The software constantly evolves to meet our business needs and their service is excellent. Highly recommended.
Comma 5 has been very helpful in various office tasks dealing with clients. It has amazing features that enable us to attend to the clients needs and specifications. It's fantastic for sales and orders!
We switched to COMMA5 and have found that their service and training to be outstanding. They have customised their CRM to our specific needs, always giving prompt and thorough attention to our questions.
We've migrated from spreadsheets to an integrated system which we can all work on. This gives us excellent insights into constantly evolving our strategy with regards customer experience.
What we liked was the assistance and support we received from the team at Comma5. This is what makes them different - our CRM has evolved into exactly what we needed in our business (and continues to evolve and improve) - not wasted money on software which was never used because there wasn't traction and uptake by the business. Thanks C5 Team!
Comma5 CRM have been a life saver in getting my new business from the dark ages into the 20th century. No issue is an issue to them. They are always willing to assist and turn around time has been remarkable. Within 24hrs my questions have been answered and resolved. Thank you and looking forward to getting my business automated